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Manufacturer Warrantys

Manufacturer Warrantys

At My Fantasy Dreams We understand The Importance of a functiong Toy from the get go ..

whilest all care is taken to ensure your product arrive to you in a working condition its enevertable that in time your beloved toy will come to its end and need replacing How ever with newer materials used and new health regulations in place some toys are being sold with a manufactures Warranty giving you pleace of mind for today, tonite and in to the future.. 

All Toys requiring AA, AAA, C, N and cell type batterys are coved by our own 30 day store Warranty

this cover you for burn out of switchers and micro chips motors or electric componants, 

All non-vibrating items come with a 30 day material only store backed warranty covering the item for defects


Most rechargable Toys now have a waranty period beyond 3months upto 15yrs these products sold through Fantasy Dreams are serviced and supported exclusively by their manufacturer in accordance the warranty information provided on the listing.

For items advertised and sold with manufacturer’s warranty, we would ask you to contact the manufacturer or supplier in the first instance for replacement or repair under the warranty terms. If the manufacturer is unable to comply, Fantasy Dreams will replace the item or issue a refund of your purchase price for that item.


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