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Product Care

Product Care


  • First time charge, it is recommended to plug item in as soon as you get it home to boost up to full level, as this extends the internal battery life
  • We recommend using a wall adaptor as tv, laptops and other usb powered devices have been known to damage your new personal product
  • Wash item using an anti-bacterial wash, taking care to hold item round its seal for extra water protection. Leave wash/spray on several minutes then rinse well. Powder with corn starch if required/recommended by the manufacturer, making sure its rinsed off before use
  • After use of item, wash thoroughly and return piece to its protective case/box/pouch
  • Use only water based lubricant as oils/alcohol/creams will disintegrate material
  • Keep in cool dry area, as moisture/humidity over time could corrode metal workings
  • Keep small items away from children
  • 240V Electrical items when charging must be kept away from water at all times
  • Never leave item charging for extended periods of time without supervision

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