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Privacy Notice

Fantasy Dreams Privacy Policy

My Fantasy Dreams is operated by people who understand the need for privacy and we are committed to preserving the privacy of all those who choose to use this website.

The information that this website collects about its users falls into two categories. The first category is the usual information that is exchanged between a website and the computers of the people who are visiting the site.

That information does not identify anyone as a particular individual but provides us with important data that enables us to make this site more user-friendly for our customers. That non-identifying information is not exchanged with anyone.

The second category of information collected is that supplied by people who choose to purchase items from My Fantasy Dreams. These people are required to provide personal identifying information to our billing provider, PayPal – the company that provides the billing solutions for My Fantasy Dreams.

The credit card information is provided by purchasers direct to PayPal and does not pass through the My Fantasy Dreams site. The only personal information that PayPal passes back to My Fantasy Dreams are sufficient details to enable My Fantasy Dreams to process and post out each order that PayPal receives payment for on our behalf. Paypal also provides My Fantasy Dreams with a purchaser’s email address so that we can advise the purchaser that their order has been posted.

At no time does this site – My Fantasy Dreams – ask for or receive any information regarding your credit card details.

For details of PayPal’s Privacy Policy you should follow the link to PayPal.

At no time will My Fantasy Dreams use a purchasers email address or postal address for any other purpose than to dispatch their order and to advise them that their order has been sent. My Fantasy Dreams will not share this information with a third party unless you request us to do so.

If you choose to contact My Fantasy Dreams about any matter, whether it be by phone, email or mail the contact details that you provide will not be shared with a third party unless you request us to do so.

This Privacy Policy acknowledges the National Privacy Principles as laid down by the National Privacy Act 1988 and this Privacy Policy also acknowledges the laws of the State of Queensland and does not claim an exemption in any way from those laws.

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